Laser Thread Vein Removal

Thread veins are tiny twisted red, blue or purple blood vessels just below the surface of the skin, which makes them visible. Also known as spider veins and broken veins, although the veins are not actually broken!

The most common areas of the body to experience thread veins is on the face and legs.

Lasers and IPL is a non-invasive treatment can be used to remove thread veins on the face, body and legs quickly and effectively. Thread vein removal treatment will remove fine and large thread veins approximately 1-3 mm in size.   

The laser light passes safely through the skin which is readily absorbed by blood vessels, but not by the surrounding skin, heating them to point where the blood in the targeted blood vessel coagulates. This causes the vein to break down. The damaged veins are gradually dissolved and removed by the body’s immune system, fading over several weeks after treatment leaving little or no trace of the original lesion. 

This treatment is very effective, however small thread veins can appear again over time due to external factors and skin care.

The number of treatments required are dependant on the area the size of the veins, normally a course of 4 is required at two weekly intervals. Thread veins will darken immediately following treatment but will lighten as the skin heals.

Consultation and test patch £30.00

Facial Thread Veins £80 - £170.00

Leg Thread Veins £80.00 - £340.00

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For more information or to book contact Vanessa Kenshole on 01884 35554 or complete a booking request