Permanent Eyeliner and Lash

With subtle colour tones and application, this treatment will give improved definition, also gives the impression of fuller, thicker lashes.

This treatment will lift tired, heavy eyes that lack sparkle and definition.

The treatment involves tattooing a very fine line between the lashes, the line is dependant on the thickness and layers of your lashes.

Baby Eyeliner is an Eyeliner tattooed across your eye, saving you the need to pencil in your eyeliner everyday. The Baby Eyeliner is slightly thicker than a Lash Enhancement.

Eye Lash Enhancement Top or Bottom £225.00

Eye Lash Enhancement Top & Bottom £350.00

Baby Eyeliner Top & Bottom £350.00

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Read about the procedure here.

For more information or to book contact Vanessa Kenshole on 01884 35554 or complete a booking request