The Procedure

We offer a free consultation to discuss your chosen treatment fully and to ensure you are suitable for the treatment. Your treatment will consist of three stages, over two treatments. The price includes both appointments.


1. The Consultation

This is the most important part of the treatment, I will discuss with you the look you want to achieve, listen to your needs and respond with advise. We will then work on choosing the correct colour to match both your skin colour and hair colour. We will then use a pencil to draw your desired shape. This process takes time and the drawing itself is the most important. If we need to re-draw and change the template 50 times, that is what we will do until ultimately you are 100% happy. We will not start the tattoo process until you are completely happy with how your brows/lips/eyes are going to look.

2. The Treatment

The treatment process uses a specialist tattoo machine. The machine itself works at a much lower frequency than the machine used by a tattooist and the depth at which we work in the skin is a lot less. We use very fine needles to insert the pigment in to the skin. The process normally takes 60 – 90 minutes, however timings will vary with each person due to your individual requirements. Immediately after your brow treatment your brows will be 20-50%ndarker than the colour you have chosen during the consultation. The colour will fade after 3-7 days.

3. The Retouch

Before you leave the salon we will book your second appointment usually for 6 weeks after your first treatment. This appointment is usually an hour appointment to add more pigment to the brow area. As the brows have healed some areas may not have held as well as others and there may be patches visible that need more colour. This is completely normal and each person heals differently.


The treatment process is very similar to the brows from start to finish. However your eyes may be puffy and sensitive following the treatment so I do advise you not to drive a vehicle immediately after treatment.


The treatment process is very similar to the brows, treatment time may be slightly longer however, between 90 -120 minutes. Once again your lips may be slightly swollen after treatment. Therefore we recommend you do not make any social plans for a few days after treatment.

For more information or to book contact Vanessa Kenshole on 01884 35554 or complete a booking request